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Line Rider

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Line Rider
Line Rider

Line Rider is a Flash game. It was originally created for exam purposes by Boštjan Čadež, a Slovenian university student, and became an Internet phenomenon in October 2006. In the week ending on 16 October 2006, it was the seventh quickest gaining keyword in Google. [1]

The basic concept is to draw one or more lines with the mouse on which a small character with a sled can ride. The game includes a physics simulation, which means the track must be sufficiently smooth to prevent the character from falling off the sled. The author has said that he prefers the description 'toy' to 'game' as there is no goal to accomplish.

In spite of its simplicity, many complicated tracks have been created, which include loops and other stunts. Some tracks are even set to music and include hand-drawn scenery such as mountain slopes and trees. Tracks are typically shared by uploading a video to web sites, such as YouTube or Google Video.

[edit] Imitations

Line Flyer
Line Flyer

Several copycat or hacked versions of the original game have been made. Some of these, like Line Flyer, alter visual elements of the game, while others alter the programming to make playing the game easier. The legality of these versions is questionable. Čadež had called these actions theft in his news post on deviantART and planned to prevent hacks in future versions of Line Rider.

[edit] Version History


The original version of Line Rider was released on 23 September 2006. Line Rider beta uses a very limited tool set. A pencil tool is used to draw lines, a left to right stroke forms floor lines, while a right to left stroke forms ceilings. It also includes a trash can icon to erase your current track. The beta includes the ability to save tracks and reload them later.

Update: No official version name

The new version of Line Rider was scheduled to be released on 24 October 2006, but the creator lost several days' worth of work and the release has been delayed to a later date. Anticipated additions in this new version include:

  • Eraser
  • Line drawing
  • Line snapping
  • Three types of lines - regular, accelerating, and scenery
  • Zoom
  • Flag that tags the location of line rider during simulation to aid track editing
  • Reverse floor and ceiling directions while drawing
  • Bug fixes
  • Hack prevention

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