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medium_witchblade_6_sexy.2.jpgmedium_witchblade_7_sexy.jpgmedium_witchblade_8_sexy.jpgmedium_witchblade_9_sexy.jpgWITCHBLADE LA SUPER SERIE ANIMEE AVEC UN GANT MAGIQUE L'HEROINE SE DEBROUILLE BIEN...


  For thousands of years it has existed. An intelligent, symbiotic weapon of incredible power. A living gauntlet that becomes one with its wearer. The Witchblade: Only women of unmatched strength of mind, body and will have ever successfully worn it. Its legacy has created a warrior bloodline back through time and forward into the future. Joan of Arc wielded the blade as did other great warrior women throughout the ages. But to wear the Witchblade is to be both its master and its servant, as this mysterious weapon draws to it what it needs and casts aside what it does not. Stirring to life at times of crisis -- during wars, famines, pestilence -- the Witchblade has been used to cut a swath of blood and viscera through the ranks of previously insurmountable evil. For decades it has lain dormant, but now in the early days of the 21st century, the Witchblade has chosen a new bearer of its power.... and its curse.


  While investigating the murder of her childhood friend, NYPD Detective Sara Pezzini comes in contact with an ancient gauntlet, which melds onto her wrist and protects her from harm -- forever changing her destiny. It is the Witchblade, an ancient weapon that heightens her powers of perception and transforms into a formidable sword that is one with its wearer. With an arsenal of amazing powers -- and a mind of its own -- the Witchblade is both a blessing and a curse. Now Sara must learn its secrets in order to master its mystery before it masters her.

  Based on the best-selling comic book of the same name, WITCHBLADE is a one-hour drama series starring Yancy Butler (Drop Zone, Hard Target) as the fierce and sexy Sara Pezzini. WITCHBLADE is produced by Top Cow Productions, Inc. and Halsted Pictures, in association with Warner Bros. Television. Ralph Hemecker (Millennium, The X-Files) serves as executive producer with Dan Halsted (Any Given Sunday, The Virgin Suicides) of Halsted Pictures and Marc Silvestri of Top Cow Productions.


  Sara Pezzini: NYPD Homicide Detective Sara Pezzini is a vexing combination of street smarts, intelligence and beauty. Sworn to uphold the law, Sara will go to any lengths to bring criminals to justice. When she comes in contact with the Witchblade, the ancient weapon stirs to life and affixes itself to her arm, bestowing on her unusual powers that she does not yet understand. As she struggles to discover the truth about her past and the legacy of the ancient weapon, Sara finds herself entangled in the growing mystery of the Witchblade.

  Danny Woo: Sara's former partner and now a ghost, Danny serves as Sara's touchstone, her guardian angel. Danny was killed in the line of duty while he and Sara were investigating reputed mobster and murderer, Tommy Gallo. The Witchblade allows Sara to see and converse with Danny, who continues to help and guide her from beyond the grave.

  Jake McCartey: A former champion surfer from the West Coast, Jake is now a rookie police detective assigned to train under Sara. Though his laid back style is a bit unconventional for a NY cop, his investigative skills are solid. His admiration for Sara may extend beyond their professional relationship.

  Kenneth Irons: An eccentric billionaire entrepreneur rumored to have made his fortune through illegal arms dealings, Irons' connection to the Witchblade runs deep. A collector of art and ancient weapons, the Witchblade was in his collection -- on loan to a Midtown museum -- when it was first "found" by Sara. He still bears the scars from his failed attempt to wield the weapon and is in many ways still possessed by its power. Irons continues to monitor Sara's use of the Witchblade as he runs his diverse corporate empire, Vorschlag Industries, which includes media holdings, real estate and bio-tech development.

  Ian Nottingham: Adept at subterfuge and martial combat, Nottingham is a walking lethal weapon. A mysterious -- and deadly -- omnipresence, he has been under Irons' tutelage for most of his life. As Irons' right hand, one of his missions is to monitor Sara's use of the Witchblade. Always nearby when the Witchblade springs into action, Nottingham's relationship to Sara and the Blade remain a mystery at this time -- as is the depth of his relationship to Irons..

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