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On his very first day at his new boarding school, Zowie's already being punished! He finds himself shut up in the attic that serves as a library, along with Loulou, the boy with whom he was caught fighting. The school monitor has assigned them a chore in punishment: tidying up the mountains of books that litter the room.
Then Zowie comes across a book called "At the Gates of Magisterra." The book promises to open the way to another universe to the person who knows the proper password. Loulou and Zowie amuse themselves by guessing -- and then, without really knowing why, Zowie says: "And why shouldn't it be my name? Zowie!" To the boys' amazement, the book transforms into a huge grimoire -- a book of magic spells! Both intrigued and uneasy, Zowie opens the book, and a sparkling light shines out.
If he had known what he was getting into, Zowie probably would have thought twice before stretching out his hand and reaching into the light...



Writers   Bosse
Artists   Bosse
Target group   All age
Titles available  

1 x 48 pages



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